Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Best Opening Weekend Ever!

ESPN/ABC billed it as "The Best Opening Weekend Ever"... and unlike the usual media hyperbole, they may have gotten this one right.  Could anything approach the drama of that Texas vs. Notre Dame game?  Well, how about the biggest comeback win in school history for FSU?  And that's from a team that specializes in comeback wins... seven in the past three years.

Here are a few highlight photos from the Camping World Kickoff at the Citrus Bowl Monday night in Orlando between the FSU Seminoles and Ole Miss Rebels.  Enjoy and check out all the photos at the full gallery on

The fellas from SOCOM provided their usual flare, jumping in on a breezy night (right at the top of their limits).

Osceola and Renegade made the trip down from Tallahassee, performing their tandem role as the best school mascot in the country.

FSU couldn't get the fire started in the first half, but after a half-time pep talk from (now) Bucs Jameis Winston, a quick strike from freshman QB Deondre Francois to Kermit Whitfield got the ball rolling... and roll it did.  33 points later, Ole Miss' fate was sealed.

And here's the man of hour throwing right into our camera lens.  Deondre Francois had an even better opening night than Jameis did three years ago at Pitt.

Check out all of the photos from the Noles Rebels Kickoff game at the gallery on

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