Monday, September 12, 2016

Osceola and Renegade Perfection... And a Football Game

The second game of the season and first home game in the newly renovated Doak Campbell Stadium was HOT!  The bright sun made for difficult shooting as shadows were deep under the helmets.  See these photos and much more in the 2016 Charleston Southern at FSU gallery on

But the bright sun didn't deter Osceola and Renegade.  The new Renegade is still a little skittish, but he's settling into his role now as was evidenced by a perfect rearing-up for the pregame show.  And Osceola obliged us by looking straight into the lens for the opening shot.

FSU Osceola and Renegade
Osceola and Renegade Do Their Thing

One of the stadium renovations is a new scoreboard... "The tallest scoreboard in college football" they say.  Here it's put to good use for the National Anthem (no squatters), and a fly-over by a couple of T-38s from Tyndall AFB.

Doak Campbell Stadium New Scoreboard
Doak Campbell Stadium New Scoreboard

On the other end of the stadium, they've added new fancy seats, a club section and Rome Colosseum-like overhangs to provide shade and a breeze.

Doak Campbell Improvements
Doak Campbell Improvements

The new fans were especially nice on a day like Saturday where on-field temps (where we were) exceeded 100 degrees.  These are the same enormous fans as used in the Dick Howser baseball stadium, but they look tiny against the huge backdrop of the football stadium.  The cantilevered spears are pretty cool too!

Doak Campbell Fans and Spears
Doak Campbell Fans and Spears

Oh, there was a football game too.  Charleston Southern probably wouldn't have offered much competition at full strength, but they were totally depleted by a round of suspensions by the NCAA.  Their bench area was practically empty when the team was on the field.  The lopsided game offered a chance for the second and third string players to get some much-needed game time.  Here's freshman running back Amir Rasul strutting his Heisman pose on a run late in the game.  He'll be a good one!

Amir Rasul Striking the Heisman Pose
Amir Rasul Striking the Heisman Pose

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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Best Opening Weekend Ever!

ESPN/ABC billed it as "The Best Opening Weekend Ever"... and unlike the usual media hyperbole, they may have gotten this one right.  Could anything approach the drama of that Texas vs. Notre Dame game?  Well, how about the biggest comeback win in school history for FSU?  And that's from a team that specializes in comeback wins... seven in the past three years.

Here are a few highlight photos from the Camping World Kickoff at the Citrus Bowl Monday night in Orlando between the FSU Seminoles and Ole Miss Rebels.  Enjoy and check out all the photos at the full gallery on

The fellas from SOCOM provided their usual flare, jumping in on a breezy night (right at the top of their limits).

Osceola and Renegade made the trip down from Tallahassee, performing their tandem role as the best school mascot in the country.

FSU couldn't get the fire started in the first half, but after a half-time pep talk from (now) Bucs Jameis Winston, a quick strike from freshman QB Deondre Francois to Kermit Whitfield got the ball rolling... and roll it did.  33 points later, Ole Miss' fate was sealed.

And here's the man of hour throwing right into our camera lens.  Deondre Francois had an even better opening night than Jameis did three years ago at Pitt.

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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Favs from the NCAA Outdooor Track & Field East Regional

Just a few favs from the NCAA Outdoor Track & Field East Regionals in Jacksonville at UNF.  Enjoy, and see the full gallery at

Our favorite photo from the meet is this one of the home town University of North Florida High Jump team:

The light Thursday afternoon was perfect for some short lens shot of the long jump:

The low sun was also perfect for some head-on shots of the Pole Vault.  Here's the jumper from South Carolina putting his all into it:

Here's an interesting perspective of the start of 100M.

Our favorite high jumper of the meet from the East Carolina Pirates.  He can jump!

Three really fast hurdlers from Michigan, Kentucky and FSU... all with Olympic qualifying times.

Alabama in full beast mode on the hurdles:

A super-fast trio from Kentucky, LSU and Harvard running the 200M into the setting sun.

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