Sunday, July 26, 2015

Football Is On The Way!

Summer is off-season for  We shoot a teacher's schedule.  Believe it or not, we get a little burned out and blurry-eyed by the end of May after shooting a full season of football, basketball, baseball and track.  So, we take the summer off and let the excitement build again for fall.  Yesterday, a cool nor'easter blew (a little weird for July in Florida) and got us in the mood for some football!  We cranked up some of the pre-fall activities... applied for season credentials, performed some maintenance on the web site, booked some travel, and most fun... perused the newly released 2015 FSU Football Media Guide to see what photos of ours made into the guide. 

We thought the 2014 guide was great, but Zach Stipe outdid himself with this year's guide.  And as last year, is well represented in the photos of the guide.  Like we did with the 2014 guide, we've posted a gallery of all the photos used in the guide.  In the caption of each photo is a link back to the original gallery/photo.  We think we got them all, but its certainly possible that we overlooked a few. 

Take a look at the 2015 Media Guide Gallery and open another tab with the actual Media Guide and have fun finding our photos.  Click on links in the photo descriptions to see the original photo in our gallery. 

As always, see more football (and lots of other stuff) at   And Enjoy!

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