Saturday, September 6, 2014

Jerry's House

FSU's opener this year was at a neutral site, AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX... Jerry's house!  Looks to us like Jerry's $1.2B was well spent.  AT&T Stadium is easily the most luxurious stadium in which we've ever set foot.

As usual, we arrived hours before the game, as evidenced by the total lack of individuals in this photo.  Actually, we arrived even before the media gate opened, but a nice security guard let us in early so we could get some panoramic shots of the stadium.

The big satellite dish shaped mirror out front is an interesting addition.  As you can see, it is finely polished to reflect the sky.  The convex backside is also polished which gives an interesting reflection of the stadium, which we captured after the game (about 2AM). 

The inside of the stadium is even more impressive than the exterior.  It's impossible to capture the size and scale of the inside and video boards, other than to say they stretch from one twenty yard line to the other. 

Everything is top notch about the stadium.  Even the press boxes are the best we've ever seen, at least on this scale.  We still nominate the Wake Forest press box as the best press box in all of football... or at least the ones in which we've been.  But it was nice to have a lady come around and ask to which games we'd like our TVs tuned.  Nice... we could use her at home when the remote is lost.

The cavernous ground floor in the belly of beast even made the College Game Day bus look small.

Here's the view from the mid-level press box.

The video boards are impressive, not only for their size, but their high resolution.  That's definitely the biggest HDTV we've ever seen!

Here's the full Monty as we left for the evening (er... morning).  Congrats Jerry, you've really done it up on this one.

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