Saturday, March 29, 2014

2014 FSU Relays

The 2014 outdoor track season opened up (for me) in Tallahassee at the FSU Relays.  This year's event was somewhat subdued... FSU didn't draw much in the way of big schools and didn't even run their own best athletes, choosing instead to save them for Texas Relays the following weekend.  But, as usual, I had fun shooting the meet, and got a few good pics.  It seems that there are always one or two surprises in the camera awaiting download.  Enough dialog.  I can tell you're bored with it anyway.  On to a few photos...

My old friends from UNF were there.  They have a new hurdler who looked pretty impressive.  He's a pretty intense fellow.

Looks like the girls were holding hands on the way to the finish line.  I doubt it was out of affection.

FSU's star Long Jumper Owen Cain was on target.  He missed NCAA finals by 1/10th of an inch last year.  Looking for big things out of him this year.

It was good to see Stephen Krupa back jumping again this year.  He had to take most of last year off due to injury.  Stephen has a fantastic jumping style that is very photogenic.

Have I ever said that I love the high jump?   Yeah... I thought I did.

Here's a happy runner from Embry Riddle.  She ought to be.  She won this race and pulled out a fantastic kick in the 1500M to win that race in the last twenty yards. 

The Ospreys showed their emphasis on distance with a one two finish in the 5K.

Saturday opened with the Men's Discus.  FSU showed off their freshman Chadrick DaCosta from Kingston Jamaica.  Yeah, he could throw the disc.

In the lady's High Jump, the winner was also the shortest contestant... an usual occurrence, but this girl could really jump!

Here's Chadrick DaCosta again, this time tossing the steel ball.  He's pretty good at that too. 

As is customary, the Relays ended with the 4x400.  Good stuff....

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