Friday, August 16, 2013

St. Augustine Alligator Farm Photo Contest Winner

Every year, the St. Augustine Alligator Farm sponsors a photo contest.  This year, I entered several photos that I took there in the rookery this spring.  They picked one!  How exciting!  This is the photo they picked:

It's a neat photo, but not actually my favorite one of those that I submitted.  I like this one better for its clarity and symmetry.  It appeals to the OCD side of me.

This is another of my favorites from this spring.  The color is what grabs me about this photo.  The cedars are the only green trees in the rookery in March:

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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Warming Back Up....

Summer is down time for me photo-wise.  No collegiate sports to shoot, kind of dead for birds in Florida, and despite its nickname, Florida is pretty cloudy all summer long.  But in a month, I'll be at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh shooting the Monday night college season opener between FSU and Pitt.  Exciting!  Time to get the cameras cleaned up and in order.

I did have one fun photo opportunity over the summer... a week in Washington, DC.  Here's a few pics from that excursion:

The Capital Building from the southwest corner.  The seat of power of the most powerful nation in history.  Impressive.

The Jefferson Memorial, late in the evening from across the Tidal Basin:

Mt. Vernon... George Washington's home.  Interesting back-story on this pic... I wanted a photo without people in it.  As anyone who's been to Washington in the summer knows, that's almost an impossibility.  I hung around until closing time, when the Park Police clear the grounds.  I struck up a conversation with a couple of the officers, and they let me hang around until everyone left.  What a beautiful day this was... Vanilla Skies.

Here's the Iwo Jima Memorial at night with the National Mall in the background.  As you can see, the Washington Monument is sheathed in scaffolding for repairs due to damage from the east coast earthquake last year.  They lit the monument while we were there... making lemonade...

I think the most beautiful building in town is the Library of Congress.  One of these days I'm going to apply for a research card and sneak a camera into the Reading Room.  Here's a shot of the foyer.  You really ought to jump over to my photo site and look at this one in full size mode.  Very neat.  This photo is actually five vertical photos stitched together.  There is considerable distortion, but the beauty of the architecture diverts the eye from the inadequacies of the photo.

How do you get around in Washington, DC?  Well... don't rent a car!  Take the Metro.  Here's a sight you become well familiar with during a week in DC... the inside of a Metro station.  This particular one is the Gallery Place station.

And the World War II Memorial on the National Mall at night:

This is probably my favorite picture.  The Capital Building from across the reflecting pond well after dusk, but before total darkness.  Again, this one is most impressive at larger viewing sizes.

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