Wednesday, March 27, 2013

2013 Seminoles vs. Gators Baseball

Well, my second baseball game was certainly an exciting one.  FSU played UF in Jacksonville at the newly named Bragan Field (named for Peter Bragan Sr., long-time owner of the Jacksonville Suns minor league team, who recently passed away).  Anything where the Gators play the Seminoles is usually pretty exciting... and well attended.  The announced attendance was just shy of ten thousand, and that on a 40 degree night that felt like 25!

Peter Bragan Jr. threw out the first pitch:

I found a new use for my 400mm lens.  When I walked up to Media Will Call, they couldn't find my name on the list.  Not sure what happened there, but not everyone walks up to the gate with a two foot lens draped over their shoulder, and another camera clipped to their batman belt.  I guess I looked honest, because they gave me a credential and let me in the gate.  Crisis averted.

I love any photo with rivals together in it.  I especially love the contrast between uniforms.  I suspect the players might not be as enthralled about it as me though.  Check out the fans in the background... looks like a late October game in New York.  Yes, it was that cold!

You'd think from the score (2-1, FSU) that it was a pitcher's dual, but that's not necessarily true.  Both side left a ton of runners on bases.  Not that there wasn't some good pitching... there was.  Here's another of those good contrast photos... check out the logo on the ball (FSU was the "Home" team, even though a neutral site):

There was some good action in the game, and I succeeded in one of my early goals of capturing the moment of contact between bat and ball.  Granted, it was a bunt, but hey... that counts!  Here's Nogowski laying down the sacrifice bunt to move the runner to third:

I'm pretty sure this not the way a pick-off play is supposed to end.... oops.

Here's a guy that I'm pretty sure could be managing in the bigs if he really wanted to.  The epitome of the old, hard, grissled manager.  Goody guy that Mike Martin.

I got some interesting pitcher pics... in particular, different ball grips.  What in the world is this pitch going to be?

Probably silly, but this shot reminded me strongly of "Field of Dreams"

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2013 FSU vs. Georgia Tech Baseball

I had my first opportunity to shoot a baseball game this past weekend... Georgia Tech at FSU.  I discovered that 400mm is a pretty long lens for a baseball diamond, but I think it'll just have to do because the wife isn't going to approve a 300mm purchase anytime soon.  It's good for close-ups and I can always drop back to the 70-200 for more panoramic shots.

I spent a while just figuring out where to be and getting used to the flow of the game.  Fortunately, I played a lot of baseball when I was younger, so I had a pretty good anticipation of what plays might be coming down the pipe... sacrifice bunt, pick-off, steal, hit-and-run-, etc.  That frequently helped to get the big lens pointed at the right spot, because reacting to the ball and swinging that lens around is a fool's errand.

On to some pictures...

I was shooting for action (which I always do), so trying to anticipate plays.  The best play from the third base position with a 400mm was a play at first.  So, I got several of those.

I love Nogowski's expression when he plays.  Always the same... and intense.

Of course, pitchers are a natural photographic subject.  I enjoyed watching the sidearm Dave Smith.  Interesting motion:

And Rollie Fingers mustache (but still a little immature)...

I don't think Mike Martin agreed with the call... what do you think?

Surprisingly, I found that getting good shots of the outfielders was difficult.  I would have thought it to be the opposite since I typically have more time to react to the play.  Got this one though....

The most difficult thing I found was getting the baseball in the picture.  That sucker travels FAST.  I almost got it here... at least go the evidence.  You can see exactly where the ball hit the bat and the resulting clay explosion off the bat.  

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Monday, March 25, 2013

2013 FSU Relays

Still posting photos from this year's rain-shortened FSU Relays, but wanted to get a quick preview of the meet out here.

Friday started out with a rain delay, so we went immediately into a rolling schedule after lunch, trying to cram as much as possible in under the threat of rain.  Turns out that it didn't rain any more the rest of day, and actually turned out quite nice for a track meet.

The day started with the Men's Javelin and Women's Long Jump running concurrently.  I enjoyed seeing the Big Blue there.  I'm not a huge Michigan fan, but I always like their uniforms.  Blue and Yellow just go together well.

Clemson was widely represented in all events, and did very well in the meet.

Both of the Clemson 4x100 teams smoked the competition.

And one of my old favorites, Kendall Parks was there running unattached.  Kendall ran for Kennesaw State and dominated the ASUN conference in high hurdles and 100M dash.  Looks like he's doing pretty good all around now.  But Kendall... where'd your hair go?

My UNF folks were there too.  Here's Jonathan Estabon looking like a beast in the 3k Steeple Chase.

There's much more to come... will be downloading all week.

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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Florida Nature Prints For Sale

Florida Nature Prints For Sale

I've created a new gallery that includes nature shots of a sufficient size and quality for prints.  These photos look fabulous at larger sizes.  Naturally, they're available in all different sizes and finishes, from glossy, matte, lustre and metallic all the way up to wrapped canvas and fully framed.  Most of the photos in this gallery are cropped at a 4x5 ratio, which corresponds to the most commonly available frame sizes, 8x10, 11x14 and 16x20.  Others are cropped to the newer 2x3 digital photo ratio which more frames are becoming available in, especially the larger 20x30 frames.

When you click on "Buy", only the sizes that are appropriate for the resolution of the photo are enabled, so you won't end up with a grainy looking photo at too large a size.  Of course, most of the photos in this gallery are of sufficient resolution for even the largest sizes.  And be assured, the watermark you see on the photos on-line will not be included on your print.  Your prints are delivered plastic-wrapped, in a sturdy double-strength tube, or well packed if in a flat format (wrapped canvas or framed).

These are the same quality prints that you might see in galleries in Florida, only available on-line.  Here are some samples from the Print Gallery:

Roseate Spoonbill in full breeding plumage:

Great Blue Herons nest building.

Great Egret displaying during mating season.

Egyptian Geese in flight:

Osprey with penetrating eyes:

Little Blue Heron checking out her makeup:

Great Egret Nesting Pair:

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

2013 UNF Spring Break Invite

The outdoor Track and Field season opened this weekend with the UNF Spring Break Invite.  It's March, but I'm pretty sure this was the coldest weekend of the winter so far!  Oh well... can't do much about the weather.  At least Saturday was clear.  No great news-worthy stories, so I'll just leave you with a few pictures.  Of course you can see much more at the links at the bottom of this article.

Those high jump guys just amaze me!  Such control over their bodies.

High Hurdle guys are pretty neat too...

A few of the FSU Distance Posse showed up.  Good to see them there..

They had a couple of Pole Vaulters there too....

Sean Young was there to kick off his season.  Good to see you Sean...

I enjoyed this double pass on the 4x100 by the two Bethune-Cookman relay teams....

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