Sunday, January 6, 2013

Orange Bowl Classic BasketBall Games

While in Miami to shoot the Orange Bowl game, I also had a chance to shoot the Orange Bowl Classic Basketball games.  The first game was FSU vs. Tulsa, followed by UF vs. Air Force.  This was my first opportunity to shoot a college basketball game (note photogs in the photo below), so naturally I was excited.

I discovered one thing immediately... basketball photogs all bring camping chairs for a very good reason.  That floor is hard!  And sitting for a few hours on it, with no back support is most assuredly not comfortable.  I also discovered that my 70-200 zoom was too long for most of the game on my end of the court.  I wish I had a shorter zoom on one body and my 70-200 on the other body for shots on the other side of the court.  I had a lot of chopped off arms and feet.

One thing is nice though... as the guy sitting next to me said, "Shooting basketball isn't too bad... if you screw up, they'll be back again in 30 seconds."  So true.

I was there to shoot FSU.  Unfortunately, they played in the first game.  I felt like I was still learning enough to get going good about the time the game ended.  The Gators played in the second game.  Fun to watch, and I did a little better with the pics.

The game goes really fast, but it's a little easier to anticipate the ball than it is in football.  Passes go ten feet instead of thirty yards.  Being so much closer to the action also makes it much easier to follow the plays.

Got some good pics of Billy Donovon.  He's a pretty intense guy.  I can see why he's such a good coach... excellent motivator.

Here's the look you really don't want to get from your coach....

I certainly didn't capture any SI moments, but it was a good first stab.  Hopefully, I'll have some more basketball opportunities in the future.

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Friday, January 4, 2013

2013 Discover Orange Bowl FSU vs. NIU

I had the opportunity to shoot the Orange Bowl this year... Florida State vs. Northern Illinois.

Tons of fun!  Everyone was whining about the matchup (OK, so was I a little), but it sure didn't dampen the atmosphere in the least.  If anything, the NIU fans were more rowdy than average.  They probably warmed up enough to yell.

Pre-game was enjoyable.  There was the big flag...

And a drop-in by the Air Force Academy Parachute team (love these guys)...

Hey Derek Travis... I hope you google your pic here...

E.J. Manuel gave me the stare down.  Thanks for the good pic E.J.  Glad you had a good game, and good luck.

And, of course, they did play some football too.  Here's Benjamin concentrating hard on a catch... I won't mention the outcome of this play out of respect for him.

NIU had a tough little quarterback in Lynch, and they played a hard first half... kept the game close for two quarters.

E.J. had a pretty good game, when receivers held on to the ball.

The half-time show was Jake Owen.  I must confess that I'm an old fart and I've never even heard of Jake Owen.  I would have been happier with Train like they had last year, but oh well... Anyway, the two thousand teenagers that took the field for half-time were totally enamored with Jake, so I guess that's what counts.

I always enjoy watching Bryan Stork when they get down in the red zone.  He's a really intense individual on the field.  Should do well at the next level.

Not surprisingly, FSU pulled away in the second half.   Wasn't much of a contest after that.  E.J. ran for touchdown...

Lonnie Pryor added another...

In the end, it was all FSU.

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