Wednesday, May 1, 2013

2013 Penn Relays Masters Events

Fourth in a series of posts about the 2013 Penn Relays

When you think Penn Relays, you think college track meet... or perhaps the hordes of young high schoolers who descend on Philly for the meet.  However, there are a few Masters events sprinkled in for us old guys.  I say "us old guys", but I really have nothing in common with these athletes other than age.  I walk around with fifteen pounds of camera gear... they run faster and farther than I have since college.

This is Dr. Ed Cox of the Syracuse Chargers, running in the 100m Dash, 75 and older.  Dr. Cox was the oldest participant in the race (in the meet) at 85 years young!  Wow!  He didn't win the race, but he sure didn't lose either... placed mid-pack in sixth place with a time of 17.35.  That's about 17.35 faster than I would have done it, because I'm sure I would have dropped dead half way down the track.  Congrats Dr. Cox, and keep on running!

In the last set of 4x400 events of the meet, we saw the Masters Over Forty 4x400.  I sure didn't look like any of these guys when I was forty (or thirty, or twenty....).  Following is the winning team, The Southwest Sprinters Track Club A Team of Edward Winslow, Eric Prince, Lyndell Pittman, and Khalid Mulazim with a time of 3:24:97.

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2013 Penn Relays

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