Tuesday, April 30, 2013

2013 Penn Relays Long Jump

This is the second in a series of posts about the 2013 Penn Relays.

What a beautiful day for a track meet!  You just can't beat the atmosphere and surroundings of Franklin Field.  There are gorgeous backgrounds and large crowds, all of which make for great pictures.  The long jump was no exception.  Following are some shots from the Long Jump events.

First off, the College Men's Championship winner at 25'11", Damar Forbes from LSU.  Nice intensity there Damar!

Here's the number two finish of Mamadou Gueye of Monroe at 24'6.25".

Jarrod Hutchen from USC (South Carolina) has an interesting latter half style.  Served him well at 24'1.5".

In the College Men's event, here's a fellow Florida resident from Miami, John-Patrick Friday who place 6th at 22'11.25".  Nice form.

And Terrance Boyd of Kentucky who had an intense style, coming in at 4th place with a 23'2.5" jump. Nice Kentucky shades there...

And here's the winner of the College Men's Long Jump, Cameron Hudson of East Carolina at 24'11.75".  Nice jump Cameron!

Sorry to embarrass you Dana Lindberg from Yale... but I met your mother on the train on the way in from the airport.  Enjoyed talking with her and promised that I'd get a pic or two of you.  And not a bad jump either... Dana placed sixth in the College Men's Eastern event at 23'0.5".

And, we can't leave the ladies out.  Here's the second place finisher of the College Women's Triple Jump Championship, LaQue Moen-Davis of Texas A&M.

 And the third place finish of Thea LaFond of Maryland.  Congrats ladies.

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2013 Penn Relays

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