Tuesday, April 30, 2013

2013 Penn Relays Bahamas!

Third in a series of posts about the 2013 Penn Relays.

Here's what happens when you're nice to the sports photographer in the airport.  You get a special post just for your team!  I enjoyed talking with the men and women of the Bahamas 4x400 teams while waiting for our flight in the Philadelphia Airport.  Just so happens, that I have a special affinity for the Bahamas teams and have photographed them at several meets in years past.  So, this year's Penn Relays was no different.  When they came up on the track, I keyed on them as much as I could.

First off, the ladies... Christine Amertil, Amara Jones, Cottrell Martin, and Lanece Clarke (sorry I missed your anchor leg Lanece).

And the men... Ramon Miller, Michael Mathieu, Chris Brown, and Stephen Newbold. 


I also got a shot or two of the 4x100 team, (Shane Jones, Antillio Bastian, Teray Smith, and Stephen Newbold ) warming up on the infield.  Sorry no action shots for you guys...

One of my all-time favorite track photos involves the Bahamas 4x100 team at last years Penn Relays.  Here's Jamiel Rolle on the turn two transition.  Wow!

 Hey... if y'all are reading this (maybe your Media Director), I'd love to shoot more of your meets.  Drop me a line and let me know where you'll be.  Maybe you'll let me sneak onto your plane to Rio in 2016.  Wow... what pictures we could make there!  Good luck to y'all.

See more photos of the 2013 Penn Relays here:

2013 Penn Relays

See much more at wlpearce.com where it's all about the photos!

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