Saturday, March 16, 2013

Florida Nature Prints For Sale

Florida Nature Prints For Sale

I've created a new gallery that includes nature shots of a sufficient size and quality for prints.  These photos look fabulous at larger sizes.  Naturally, they're available in all different sizes and finishes, from glossy, matte, lustre and metallic all the way up to wrapped canvas and fully framed.  Most of the photos in this gallery are cropped at a 4x5 ratio, which corresponds to the most commonly available frame sizes, 8x10, 11x14 and 16x20.  Others are cropped to the newer 2x3 digital photo ratio which more frames are becoming available in, especially the larger 20x30 frames.

When you click on "Buy", only the sizes that are appropriate for the resolution of the photo are enabled, so you won't end up with a grainy looking photo at too large a size.  Of course, most of the photos in this gallery are of sufficient resolution for even the largest sizes.  And be assured, the watermark you see on the photos on-line will not be included on your print.  Your prints are delivered plastic-wrapped, in a sturdy double-strength tube, or well packed if in a flat format (wrapped canvas or framed).

These are the same quality prints that you might see in galleries in Florida, only available on-line.  Here are some samples from the Print Gallery:

Roseate Spoonbill in full breeding plumage:

Great Blue Herons nest building.

Great Egret displaying during mating season.

Egyptian Geese in flight:

Osprey with penetrating eyes:

Little Blue Heron checking out her makeup:

Great Egret Nesting Pair:

See more photos for sale here:

See much more at where it's all about the photos!

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