Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Raymond James Stadium... wow, what atmosphere!

And what a game.  No one gave USF much of a chance given the prior games for both teams... USF struggling against no-name opponents and FSU blowing out whomever they played.  However, USF played FSU tight through the fourth quarter.  I was pretty disappointed in USF's coaches... down by only two scores with almost four minutes left in the game and they chose to run it up the middle play after play.  They gave up, plain and simple.

Lots of neat stuff to see during pre-game.  Here's E.J. Manuel throwing me a ball during warms-ups... OK... maybe not to me, but it looks like it anyway.

Here's an unusual view of the flag:

The pre-game huddle:

And the game was a good one.  I did a little better than the Wake Forest game.  I bought a new camera body to replace the ailing 7d that went back to Canon Factory Service (who are about to get a call from the BBB).  Having a working autofocus sure made my job easier.

Here's the run that set up the first FSU touchdown:

Oooh... look!  There's a football on your head!

I don't think I'd want to line up across from that center...

This was my most exciting photo... I was standing right in front of this fumble!

Which was picked up and run back for a touchdown!  The nail in the coffin in the fourth quarter.

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