Sunday, September 16, 2012

FSU vs. Wake Forest

I had an opportunity to shoot the FSU/Wake Forest game this past weekend.  Very much fun, and very much a learning experience.

I've never shot a real football game before (I don't count the FSU Spring game).  It's quite intense.  Certainly, it is not as predictable as track and field.  Not that there aren't challenges to shooting track and field, but at least you pretty much know what's coming.  Football... not so much.  I tried shooting some during warm-ups just to get a feel for it, but warm-ups are like molasses compared to the game.

I did have some fun shooting fans...

And, some pre-game festivities.  Renegade is always fun to watch...

But then the game started, and I tried to get some decent action shots.  Of course, I wasn't aided by my Canon 7D which just came back from factory service (you'll be getting a call tomorrow) for the second time last week, and still doesn't work.  Trying to shoot action shots using manual focus is almost a fool's errand, but I gamely tried.  I bumped the ISO up to 1000 and the aperture up to 10 or 11 in an attempt to mitigate my focus errors by an increased depth of field, but still got a lot of garbage.  Very frustrating, considering I was trying to get some good pics for my FSU contact.

Anyway, I did get a few interesting shots.

Can you spot the ESPN talent in the background?

This one is my favorite, although the players are almost lost in the background because of the uniformity of color.

One thing I don't like about shooting football is that it's nearly impossible to see their eyes.  With track and field, eye contact is one of the qualities I look for in a good photo.  

I'll be shooting the FSU/USF game in Tampa in a couple of weeks.  Hopefully with some lessons learned, and a camera that actually works.

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